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0000088Direct Folders(No Category)public2017-03-12 13:27
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Summary0000088: "Save As" Dialog box in Photoshop CC bug
DescriptionThe problem in short is that the custom "Save As" dialog box inside Photoshop CC has a button called "Hide Folders" which is automatically pressed as soon as it opens.

This causes the file browser to be hidden as soon as the dialog box is opened and so you have to press the button again to activate the file browser.

I narrowed it to down Direct Folders by restarting Windows with Direct Folders set to not run at startup and then testing Photoshop. With DF not loaded, everything is fine. Once DF is loaded - the problem occurs and it will continue to be present even if DF is closed. It seems like there is no problem only if Windows is started without DF loaded at startup.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open Photoshop CC (CS6 and lower do not show this bug)
2. Create a new Document (File->New->OK)
3. Save the document (File->Save As)
4. The "Save As" dialog box should appear with no File Explorer. Press "Browse Folders" in the Lower Left hand of the window to reveal the File Explorer.
5. Close the "Save As" Window
6. Attempt to Save again
7. The "Save As" Dialog box should either appear with no File Explorer immediately or it will show the File Explorer for a short moment and then hide it again.
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OSWindows 7
OS Version64 bit




2017-03-12 13:27


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