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0000087TeraCopyUIpublic2017-03-12 01:29
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Summary0000087: TC should show source AND destination folder AND with absolute path
DescriptionOftentime I copy big directories from one partition or evne hard disk to another.
These transfers last 10-15 minutes.

During this transfer TC shows only:
"Copying 21 item(s) to 'log"; 7 min left"
Which logfile on which partition?

TC should show the full information from which source directory to which destination directory the copy operation take place:

"Copying 21 item(s) from 'D:\tools\project\aEREtest_1.3\log\' to 'H:\archive\2017\aERE\log\'; 7 min left"

At least there should be an user option for this. Two lines are acceptable.

Can this be added in the next release?

Thank you
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2017-03-12 01:29

reporter   ~0000055

This information should be shown in the short, compressed dialog.
The user should not be forced to open the extended dialog panel.

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