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0000084TeraCopy(No Category)public2017-03-07 02:18
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Product Version3.0 
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Summary0000084: Destination free space check
DescriptionWhen I start the copy/move of a file/some files and the free space on destination unit is insufficient, I see the message, all is ok. I think this message is unuseful when the file/files will replace a file/some files. For example:

source file 100 MB

destination free space 1 MB
destination file 100 MB, already present on destination unit
real free space on destination 101 MB

In this case, I think the only message I should see is "overwrite?", the message "insufficient free space" is unuseful, infact, if I ignore all is ok. Thanks.
Steps To ReproduceUse a USB drive where the free space is zero. Replace a file on it, simply copy a file from it to another unit and, after, re-copy it on the USB drive. Now, you can see two messages (insufficient free space and overwrite). According to me, the first is unuseful, obviously, only when the dimension of the source file is not superior of the sum of
- destination free space
- destination file dimension
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OSWindows 10
OS Version64 bit



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