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Summary0000075: Copy / Verify / Interface issues with Teracopy pro 3
DescriptionI have many issues with version pro 3 (Feb 23rd released but also the RCs)
All the issues are related but if I have to pick one I would have to choose the invalid copies / verification.

1. The program gives odd feedback and sometimes incorrect feedback. For example I can copy files and skip them all as they were all duplicates, lets say 60. After verifying it tells me Error: 60 files. Skipped: 60. Done Verifying 60 Items. Even if all files come back verified. I would think that this would not be an error, maybe a warning if anything at all since this was a successful operation.
2. Closing dialog use to stay open if anything besides 100% successful copy happens. So even if files were skipped
it would stay open, this is useful if you want to verify your files. If the behavior isn't going to be changed to the way it
it worked in 2, could we please have the ability to change the panel behavior on the popup screen we select what to do with name collisions.
3. The interface is very hard to use and understand. Verifying files, what's successful, removing nonduplicates, It seems more than just getting use to but overly complicated. Selecting files and having the letters turn blue instead of the background is less noticeable than having the entire row blue shaded. I'm not sure why there is a monochrome green Chrome logo in some parts of the program.

4. Copies aren't accurate and verification isn't signaling errors. This is a show stopper, I will have to discontinue use of three and go back to 2. Just today I did a copy from my SD card to my network location, 14 of 160 files were duplicates. I skipped all and did the copy without verify on copy. I then verified the files and it gave me a completion much like what I listed in issue 1. Because I've come to learn that this just means a successful verification I didn't give it any mind but I had an issue in RC2 where verification found 2 bad files but the system only reported one (both files were over written when I removed all successful and told it to overwrite the bad file) So I decided to look at the log and it told me 14 files were bad.
I chose to end the copy having moved all new files over. I then copied over all files from my SDcard again choosing to skep all 160 and verified. This time I got an even larger number of files with errors - only in the log, they do not appear in the failed list everything shows as successful in the file lists. I verified with file explorer that these files did seem to have a few bits difference. However later I did a file copy directly on the target system of the folder and used teracopy 2.12 to skip all files a verify, all files checked out. using 7zip and explorer all these files indeed are the same size and have the same SHA-256 and CRC hash! testing of the same file again with Teracopy 3 still gives me a file mistach error only in the log. Of course their size on disc is different but the actual file sizes are the same.
The more I dig into this the more I become confused so I will stop here. I have attached images from the RC2 issue, the skip 14 and copy rest of 160 issue, the verification of 160 issue pictures. I did not take screen shots of the explorer and 7zip screens.
Steps To ReproduceI'm sorry I didn't copy this portion when my ticket failed to submit but I believe it's in the description.
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