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0000064TeraCopy(No Category)public2017-03-27 09:22
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Summary0000064: Progress bar erratic behaviour
DescriptionI'm seeing some strange behaviour of the progress bar in TC 3.0. The weirdest behaviour seems to be when copying files to a network file share (to either of my NAS systems, one is a Synology, the other a NetGear ReadyNAS).

When copying files that are between about 100 and 500MB in size to a network file share from a local disk (both standard and SSD), the UI progress bar immediately jumps to a fairly high percentage complete (e.g. for a 400MB file, jumps to around 90% complete, but the size of the jump depends on the size of the file) and shows a copy speed of hundreds of MB/s then the progress bar "stalls" for many seconds and then jumps straight to 100% complete. When the progress bar is "stalled", the percentage complete shown in the title bar and the progress bar do not match each other and the percentage of the progress bar that is drawn matches neither! The file copies fine and the process takes about the time I would expect, but the progress behaviour is completely crazy. This is a completely consistent behaviour on my machine.

This does NOT happen when copying files between local disks, nor when copying files between network shares nor when copying files FROM a network share TO a local disk.

The weird behaviour does NOT happen with files above about 500MB in size.

There is no weird behaviour with TC 2 which I have been using for years (thank you!)

Let me know if you require further information from my system. I have uploaded a video showing the problem.
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2017-03-27 09:22

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Issue is unchanged in 3.0.8.

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