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0000334TeraCopyEnginepublic2018-03-13 13:07
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Product Version3.26 
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Summary0000334: When file with same name detected, rename copied files is renaming the target, not the source
I would like to report a small bug in TeraCopy. When TeraCopy detects a collision when copying a file with the same name, and the prompt window comes up, there are 6 options at the bottom of the prompt window. One of them is 'Rename the copied (source) file', I tried this while testing the program out, and it is NOT renaming the source. I re-tried it several times :/ Only the target is getting renamed, so it is acting identically to 'Rename all target files' instead.

Thank you, keep it up with such a great program ;)
Steps To ReproduceJust copy the same file into the same folder twice. Once the prompt on name collision comes up, press 'Rename copied', and you'll see that the target is actually being renamed while the source stayed the same.
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OSWindows 10
OS Version64 bit




2018-03-03 11:22

reporter   ~0000223

I can't reproduce this bug. The copied file is renamed, and the name of the file already in the destination is untouched. Using 3.26 under Win7 64bits.


2018-03-11 11:30

reporter   ~0000229

I tried this out on 2 different pcs, one running Windows 10 64 bit, the other running Windows 7 64 bit, both on 3.26. To make sure we are understanding each other clearly, by 'copied' we are both referring to the source file, (as in, the one we did right-click -> copy on) correct?

This is what is happening on my end:
1. Create an empty text document called 'Test' on the desktop, and a folder called 'New Folder'.
2. Right-click -> Copy on Test. (This is the source (copied file) right?)
3. Right-click -> Paste in folder called New Folder.
4. So we have Test on the desktop (which is the original source) and Test in New Folder.
5. Open Test on the desktop and type in some random characters. Save and close.
6. Right-click-> Copy on Test (on desktop).
7. Right-click -> Paste in folder called New Folder.
8. Prompt comes up that collision of same name is detected. Click Rename All Copied Files.
The original source file Test on the desktop kept it's same name, while in New Folder we have Test and Test (2), with Test (2) having the random characters we typed in step 5.
Shouldn't Test on the desktop become Test (2)? (since it is the source (copied) file?)

Similarly, a problem with 'Rename All Target Files' instead, I tried the same steps above, but at step 8, instead of Rename All Copied Files, I selected Rename All Target Files, and in New Folder, Test ended up with the random characters we typed in at step 5, and Test (2) is the blank copy we copied in step 3. So the first copy got renamed (the one at step 3), not the second one (the one at step 8). (So it is acting like 'Rename All Older Target Files'). Target is the new file that is going to be created, correct?


2018-03-11 12:41

reporter   ~0000230

This is not a bug, but a misunderstanding on what each option on collision does. Actually we have three files on a collision. One is the source file, another is the already existing file, and the third is the file that is going to be created (with the contents of the source file, this is the "copied" file), but it can't be because there's a file with the same name on the destination (the target).
desktop\test.txt <- source file
desktop\new folder\text.txt <- target, and already existing file.
desktop\new folder\...... <- you haven't decided yet on a collision what to do, so the name of the file going to be copied/created is not set.

"Rename copied" changes the name of the file to be created. It doesn't touch the source file name, nor the already existing file.
"Rename target" changes the name of the already existing file, so the file to be created has the same name of the source file. Note that this doesn't touch the source file either.

You think that "rename copied" would first change the name of the source file and then perform the copy, but that's not how pretty much any copy operation on any application works. Any copy operation which would change the original source file would be dangerous by nature.

Hope this helped.


2018-03-12 13:39

reporter   ~0000232

Glad to hear it was just a misunderstanding :) So, regarding your comment:

"Rename target" changes the name of the already existing file, so the file to be
created has the same name of the source file. Note that this doesn't touch the
source file either.

Just to be 100% clear, you mean 'Rename Older Target Files' changes the name of the existing file?
'Rename All Target Files' is changing the name of the newly copied file for me, and leaving the existing one as it was.

So, best way to make sure I don't lose a file is to ignore the below 6 options, and press Keep Both instead (in the blue bar)? What does Keep Both act like? (Rename All Copied Files, Rename All Target Files, or Rename All Older Target Files)?

Thank you for the clarification :)


2018-03-13 10:55

reporter   ~0000233

Rename older target files will rename already existing files if they are older than the source file.

Keep both will do the same as 'Rename copied' but only for one file, and will ask again on the next name collision.

If you want to be sure you never lose a file, then never use any overwrite options. The rest either renames (the already existing file, or the new file being created), or omits the copy action.

Someone should close this report as 'not a bug'.


2018-03-13 13:07

reporter   ~0000234

Thanks for the explanation. I have a much clearer understanding of the collision options now. I'll stick to 'Keep Both' / Rename copied.

Yes, I agree, please close this report as 'not a bug' but a misunderstanding. Thank you, keep up the good work, really loving this program, especially it's verify features. Very well done :)

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