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0000033TeraCopyUIpublic2017-02-07 02:30
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0 RC 2 
Target Version3.0Fixed in Version3.0 
Summary0000033: Improved Destination File Dialog
DescriptionThe dialog for overwriting an existing destination file dialog needs some attention.

* The window title should be "Destination File Already Exists".
* The spacing of elements needs a lot of work with mis-spaced left and right edges and around the blue area buttons.
* The dialog has no icon, should this be Teracopy's icon to ensure that the user knows what program caused the dialog?
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OSWindows 10
OS Version64 bit




2017-02-01 22:43


1.png (13,991 bytes)
1.png (13,991 bytes)


2017-02-03 07:19

administrator   ~0000010

+ Size in bytes only


2017-02-03 12:28

reporter   ~0000011

I second that. Also I noticed that the behavior is a bit different from RC 1 in reporting the differences.

I'd like it best if for both files the newer/older/bigger/smaller/same size hint is displayed (not only for one) and additionally the size of the files not only in MB but with the exact KB size.

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