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0000308TeraCopyEnginepublic2018-01-22 01:43
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Product Version3.26 
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Summary0000308: Allow setting TeraCopy I/O priority
DescriptionLarge file copy operations can kill disk performance for other processes using a hard drive, which can be especially important for situations like media servers that may depend on some minimum level of availability. It would be great if TeraCopy had the ability to run operations with background I/O priority so that it could be used as an effective & safe alternative to explorer file copy in such situations. Right now I'm using FreeFileSync for big operations, which can be configured to run in background I/O, and it works fine for that. But it's not especially convenient for ad-hoc copy operations where what I'd really like is just an alternative to basic explorer copy that's integrated, but allows changing I/O operation priority, so I know these operations won't create disk contention with the server.
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