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0000307Direct Folders(No Category)public2018-08-02 06:48
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Product Version3.8 
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Summary0000307: MessageBox - Error OnTimer

The DirectoFolders is very good product, Im using the Trial version. After 6months, Im receiving this messagebox :
check the attached or
Steps To Reproducenone appear randomly.
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OSWindows 7
OS Version64 bit




2017-12-25 16:24


snap923.png (3,540 bytes)
snap923.png (3,540 bytes)

2018-06-12 19:29

reporter   ~0000245

Same issue - can reproduce via the following steps:

1. Trigger a file dialog in a program (e.g., "Save as" within Chrome to bring up the save dialog).
2. With the Save Dialog active (and Info Panel enabled), open a new instance of File Explorer.
3. The "Error onTimer" alert appears 2x/second until one is clicked on (or rather, until the Explorer window no longer has focus).
4. Each error alert window must be closed individually.
5. Re-focusing on the Explorer window starts the error messages again.

Note, this does not appear to crash DF, but is nonetheless a bug. Attached is image of the multiple error messages.

2018-06-12 19_29_52.png (46,781 bytes)
2018-06-12 19_29_52.png (46,781 bytes)


2018-08-02 06:48

reporter   ~0000248

I've been using Direct Folders for quiet some time. Yesterday, after switching an hdd for a new ssd I started to experience the Error On Timer.

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