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Description1. Hash a bunch of files
2. Save the checksum
3. Replace some of the files with better quality with the exact same title
4. Verify it with the checksum from step 2

This will cause Teracopy to mismatch the files because they have the same title and directory, even though they're not actually the same files. A solution to this is to include date & time.

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OSWindows 8
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2017-12-22 13:49

reporter   ~0000209

What you saing is that the replaced files mismatch... or the non-modified ones too?


2018-01-03 15:59

reporter   ~0000210

Reported files appear as mismatch after verifying the checksum because the title is the same and the directory is also the same. Creating a separate directory for new files with identical filenames is not an option so Teracopy should be able to tell the difference between new and old files in checksums to prevent such errors.

Example: one file is called "testing.jpg" in the directory D:\Pictures and when you delete testing.jpg and add a new file called "testing.jpg" that's entirely different, it will report as a mismatch, despite not being the same file at all.

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