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0000296TeraCopyEnginepublic2017-12-06 15:58
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Summary0000296: Copy from external hard drive (USB3) on a directory on same hard drive: - speed is too slow
DescriptionWhen using an external hard-disk, usb3 capable and connected to the usb3 port, copying/moving files from one directory to another, on the same hard drive (and same partition), the speed is really low (26MB/s), whilst when copying from the internal hard drive to the external one, the speed is the default USB3 speed (at least double).
Maybe this can be optimized somehow, to avoid whatever bottleneck makes it so slow.
The files were big video files, so is not about having to read too many file headers. The transfer was steady, but too slow in my opinion.
Steps To Reproduce-use an external HDD usb3 capable and connected to the usb3 port
-copy one big file from one directory to another, on same External Hard Disk
-i only have one partition on mine, so I don't know if copying from one partition to another would be any way different.
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OSWindows 7
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