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0000277Maverick(No Category)public2017-11-02 09:33
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Product Version2.8 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000277: Cannot recognize external SD card
DescriptionRunning Maverick 2.8 on LG Vista, Android 5.1.1 build lmy47v.

I have an external SD card installed but I cannot make Maverick detect the file.
The SD card is called /storage/external_SD
Creating a file named in folder /sdcard/maverick/redirect
makes the "use external SD card" in settings appear, BUT cannot download files in
external SD card and maps no longer work.

Just to be complete all other programs recognize the external card ... e.g. VLC player etc.

HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2017-11-02 09:27

reporter   ~0000193

This is a repeat of Issue 11:


2017-11-02 09:33

reporter   ~0000197

The "can't read SD card" issue appears to be a repeat of:
Issue 011:
Issue 121:
Issue 173:
Issue 217:
Issue 277:

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