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0000270TeraCopyEnginepublic2017-10-07 22:51
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Product Version3.21 
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Summary0000270: Renamed filenames on File Collision Management
DescriptionI use TeraCopy for years now. But all my computers have v2.3 installed. Yesterday I gave a try on v3.21, I didn't like the the v3.21 UI but this is a personal thing. My main disappointment was a change in the method of renaming filenames in the case of file collisions, from v2.3 to v3.x. I remember that in previous versions of TeraCopy it was not possible to copy open files in other applications, which forced User to stop working and close files such as Excel spreadsheets - but this was resolved in the latest v2.x versions, congratulations!! And, I might add, it allowed perfect control of (sub) versions of the file while working on it.

Now in versions v3.x this has been changed, I assume that the Code Sector has decided to use the same method of renaming files used in Windows Explorer, and has no option to choose by another method making v3.x incompatible in terms of Version Control with v2.x. It is not possible to know which copier originated that copy (v3.x or Windows Explorer), and especially the (sub) versions of the file do not follow the default alphabetical order of all File Managers, with longer names with (sometimes undesirable) spaces.

v2.x (sorted by version, short - easy to find versions)
Filename.ext <== original file, and subsequent copies below

v3.x (or Windows Explorer: unsorted, longer names with spaces)
Filename - Copy.ext <== 1st copy
Filename - Copy (2).ext <== 2nd copy
Filename - Copy (3).ext <== 3rd copy
Filename.ext <== original file is the last file

No option to change? Re-install v2.3 back again... sorry Code Sector but it was a bad choice.
Steps To ReproduceCopy the same file and paste it in the same folder over and over using TeraCopy v3.21 or Windows Explorer.
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OSWindows 7
OS Version64 bit



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