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0000269TeraCopyEnginepublic2017-10-14 06:16
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Summary0000269: Unexpected "code 225 - file contains virus or potentially uneanted software"
DescriptionToday for the first time ever if got a "Error opening a source file. OPeration did not complete successfully becausr the file contains a virus or potentially uneanted software. Code: 225"

It panned against four different HTML files (part of a NetBeans coding course) and to me these files appear to be perfectly safe. Oleg, how would Teracopy come to this inaccurate conclusion?

It's only a minor issue, and I copied the four files across using File Explorer, but I'm surprised and intrigued by this )whoch has never hhappened to me before after using Teracopy since 2009.
-- Cheers, Tony.
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OSWindows 10
OS Version64 bit




2017-10-06 09:10



2017-10-07 23:00

administrator   ~0000181

This error is being returned by Windows (ERROR_VIRUS_INFECTED) and not TeraCopy. The files may be incorrectly flagged by antivirus/antimalware software. Does this happen every time you copy these files?


2017-10-08 02:52

reporter   ~0000184

I scanned each of the four files with Windows Defender, and no threats were discovered.I do have some other apps that do some security checking, and it's not apparent if they might be reporting the files as suspicious.

It's not worth continuing this discussion, the same report may or may not occur again. and as I said it's only a very minor issue so let's close this issue as RESOLVED.

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