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0000268TeraCopyEnginepublic2017-10-07 23:18
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Summary0000268: Enable calculation of checksum on a different machine
DescriptionIt would be really useful to enable calculation of the checksum to be completed on a different machine from that initiating the copy, to avoid network bottlenecks.

As an example, I am currently moving a significant quantity of data (approx. 300gb) over a VPN connection, from computer A to computer B. Teracopy is running on computer A. It would be great if an instance of Teracopy running on computer B could calculate the checksum of the received files, so only the checksum needs to be transferred back to computer A to achieve verification. Where network speed is a significant bottleneck this could make verification trivial where it would otherwise be non viable.
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2017-10-07 23:18

administrator   ~0000182

This is a good way to speed up the process, but really complicated, because it will require a separate network connection between two machines or watching for changed files in shared folders.

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