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0000261TeraCopyUIpublic2017-09-24 19:49
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Product Version3.21 
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Summary0000261: Teracopy not closing when done
DescriptionUsing Teracopy 3.21 (not as default handler) with Directory Opus x64 1v2.6. When copying large files (in this case approx 4GB) via context menu (TeraCopy here) to a NAS (smb share) the file copy completes normally but the gui stays open and has to be closed manually. This seems to happen all the time with these large files.

When copying small files the app closes correctly when finished.

This is enough to force me to revert back to 3.2.
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OSWindows 7
OS Version64 bit




2017-09-24 19:49

reporter   ~0000175

I completely uninstalled then reinstalled 3.21 and am no longer experiencing this issue.

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