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0000245TeraCopyUIpublic2017-09-14 12:02
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Product Version3.2 
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Summary0000245: option: Verify skipped files
DescriptionI'd like to be able to have a setting in the options, to always test files that were skipped. Currently it will simply skip these.

If I am running a copy from a network location to locally for example, and it contains a lot of data, then midway, the pc/server is restarted and I have to resume the copy, it may see the earlier files as skipped and not verify them.
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OSWindows 10
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2017-08-27 11:32

reporter   ~0000159

Agree. It was possible in TeraCopy 2.x, I really hope this feature (with all the post-copy features) will come back soon.


2017-09-14 07:58

reporter   ~0000164

I 3rd this. Definitely an important feature that should not have been removed.

About 50% of the utility of TeraCopy for me was not to actually copy files, rather it was to verify that two sets of files (with the same names) were the same. I'd just copy one set over the other, then click "Skip All" followed by "Verify", and it'd quickly tell you exactly which files were different between source and target. Sure there are other ways of doing this, like computing checksums and manually comparing them, or like using dedicated file-comparison software such as Scooter Software's "Beyond Compare". But for me, 95% of the time TeraCopy was BY FAR the easiest route for what I needed to do.

So the new TeraCopy 3.x is only about half as useful as the old 2.x version.

Also, the new interface is frankly confusing:

* If you skip some files during a copy, then afterwards you click "OK" followed by "Test", you get a tick next to the filename, but it DOESN'T mean that source and destination files are the same. WTF?
* There are no column headings in the file list. Is that hash for the source or for the destination?
* The Skip/Overwrite dialog that pops up is modal, so when it occurs I can't then decide to "Keep Panel Open" to see the list of skipped files unless the operation takes long enough that I'm able to get in quickly and click it afterwards, before the operation finishes.
* What do pink-colored gaps in the progress/speed indicator bar mean? Are they copy errors? Delays? It should be obvious, and it really, really isn't. At least pop up a tooltip explaining it!

I like the fact that TeraCopy now stacks all its pending operations in the same window. Much better than having 30 small windows open and cluttering the taskbar, when queuing lots of operations! I'll also take your word for it that copy speeds have improved in v3.x. But in every other way, the v2.x interface was better, functionally clearer, and more intuitive, I'm sorry to say. I don't know what you guys were thinking, but IMHO "if it ain't broken, don't fix it!"

Keep the new color scheme if you like, but please revert to the way the old 2.x version worked in terms of actual UI functionality & clarity!

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