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0000244TeraCopyUIpublic2017-10-13 23:04
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Summary0000244: Verify before (optional) copy
DescriptionHi there,

Currently, if I simply want to verify if 2 folders are in sync (one has the same files as the other) I first have to perform the copy, select Skip All, then wait for the entire process to complete (which still can take quite a while if I have say.... 10GB of data spread over 500.000 files).

Once the process is complete, I can do a verify to test if the files are the same on both ends.

After the test, I can then remove all succesful verified tests, and whatever remains I copy, which, if all went well, should be nothing.

My Feature Request is as follows:

When I copy files from one folder to the other, Add the button Verify directly from that menu and in the settings, allow me to choose how I want to proceed rather than assume I want to copy.
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2017-08-25 07:33

reporter   ~0000156

I guess it would also work if verify becomes an option for "This file already exists. What do you want to do? Overwrite, skip" and add "verify" or "test" to that list, so it will only test the file. The result will either be successful or error.


2017-08-25 07:35

reporter   ~0000157

Also, I am aware that this would not sync in two ways. Thats okay. I just want to get the results of files copied from the source dir to its destination, not checking if files exist in the destination that source doesn't have. If I want that, I simply need a different tool.

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