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0000236TeraCopyUIpublic2017-08-09 00:12
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Summary0000236: please add option to limit speed
Descriptionwhen doing large transfers over network and the bandwidth must be shared with other activities, it would be very useful to let the transfer work in the background and allow the user to choose a maximum speed limit.
thank you
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OSWindows 10
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2017-08-09 00:12

reporter   ~0000153

An extension to this feature request. When limiting the speed of a file transfer to XXX.XX (KB/MB/GB) per second would it also be possible to add the option of X files per second maximum transfer? My use case is somewhat specific so I assume that you will not add this feature. When copying thousands of very small files to a cloud drive that has a maximum file count for a local queue windows file copy slows down to a crawl and will sometimes fail. The reason is that the driver that exposes the drive letter accepts a maximum number of files to transfer to the cloud at one time and this queue while large, easily completes in one night. What I need is a file copier that will transfer x number of files per second maximum, with X being configurable. This way I can keep the cloud upload busy all the time without running into their file max limits.

As I said the use case is specific and I might have to write the software myself, but I thought I would ask since a similar issue was already posted.

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