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0000235TeraCopyUIpublic2017-12-28 09:14
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Product Version3.2 
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Summary0000235: No GUI on copy move unless started manually?
DescriptionRecently I've been copying or moving files and have noticed the files don't copy or move and the GUI never appears. However, if open the GUI from the start menu, I can see all the copy and move transactions pending. This is a multi (triple) monitor setup (not sure it makes any difference) and the latest release of Win10 Pro x64 (Creator update 1703).
Steps To ReproduceThe description hopefully explains it all and it seems to happen every time.
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OSWindows 10
OS Version64 bit




2017-09-05 17:15

reporter   ~0000161

I'm also experiencing this issue on Win10x64. If I attempt to move or copy a file with Ctrl+C (with the option to replace Window's default copy/move mechanism enabled in TeraCopy's options) the file operation is not started. Loading up the TeraCopy GUI shows the pending operation in the list however the destination is missing so the operation is just sitting there in the list. If I manually tell TeraCopy where the files should go the copy/move then proceeds normally. A reboot of my PC sometimes helps but the problem seems to return after a certain amount of time. File operations initiated using the Right-Click Drag+Drop method seem to work normally.

Version: TeraCopy Pro 3.2
Windows: 10.0.15063

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