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0000228TeraCopyUIpublic2017-07-20 00:17
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Product Version3.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000228: Cannot schedule more than 10 copies at once
DescriptionIf, while a file copy operation is ongoing, a second file copy is initiated utilising one of the disk already involved in a copy operation, the second request is queued.
The TeraCopy window expands vertically and the queued copy is added to the bottom of the window.

If this is repeated 10+ times with various copy operations, it is no longer possible to use the UI as buttons and options are below the bottom of the screen.

Possible solutions:
- Detect when the window is longer than the screen resolution, and resize by
   - adding new transfer dialogs to the right to create a new column, or
   - creating a new TeraCopy window, or
   - moving the 'start now' button to another location so that less vertical space is needed, allowing 2x as many copy operations to be queued, or
   - allow the window to be scrollable once it is the vertical size of the monitor
- Allow queued operations to be collapsed further to a single line indicating source and destination folder names
Steps To ReproduceCreate 10+ queued copy operations to the same disk.
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OSWindows 7
OS Version64 bit



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