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0000210TeraCopy(No Category)public2017-06-27 12:05
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Product Version3.1 
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Summary0000210: One of two parallel copy operations freezes when target becomes briefly unavailable
DescriptionWhen copying the same files over to two different locations, if both destinations go offline for a brief period of time, TeraCopy does not properly recover from it. I encountered this with external drives. It might also occur with network drives, although I haven’t tried it.

In my testing, the two copying operations end up doing different things once their destinations come back online.

One of the transfers tries to recover but instead usually moves on to the verifying phase right away and does not finish copying. I’m not sure if that is intended or not. If that’s a bug, please open a separate issue about that behavior.

This issue is concerned with the other transfer. The transfer becomes permanently stuck displaying the “File is offline, waiting...” status. Its Pause button is grayed out and there is no way to resume it.

There is also a never-ending flood of repeating system notifications in the lower right corner of the screen that cycle between “The file is available again, resuming transfer...”, “Target: System cannot find the path specified”, and "File is offline, waiting...”, even though the destination is now constantly available. (I translated the “Target” message back into English, so the original wording might be different.)

I expected TeraCopy to resume both transfers from where they were interrupted and do its best to finish them successfully, provided there was no filesystem corruption. I believe filesystem corruption is unlikely with NTFS even in the event of an abrupt disconnection, because by default external drives have write caching disabled under Policies > Quick removal.

If that resuming properly is not possible, I expect TeraCopy to treat both transfers the same way. It’d be also nice if it didn’t flood the user with notifications.

I’m using TeraCopy 3.1 on Windows 10 Home 64-bit.
Steps To Reproduce1. Connect two external drives via USB (this might also work with two network drives).
2. Copy a big folder to each of the drives using TeraCopy.
3. Start the second transfer immediately to make sure both transfers are running in parallel.
4. Cause Windows to disconnect or reinitialize the target USB drives briefly. In one case, that was a result of a glitch caused by the interaction of Hard Disk Sentinel software with my Oreco external drive docking station. To reproduce it reliably, I just disconnected the USB cable or turned off the docking station.
5. Wait several seconds and reconnect both target drives.
6. Watch what the copy operations do. One usually skips to Verifying and the other always gets stuck (see the description for details).
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OSWindows 10
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