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0000200TeraCopyUIpublic2018-01-17 09:45
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Product Version3.1 
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Summary0000200: need more obvious way to 'retry' failed files
Descriptionas it stands now, TC just sits there with a list of failed files when the copy doesn't go as expected. there's no 'retry' function *anywhere* which is pretty baffling. instead i have to go back and guess which files did and didn't copy and move them over again which kind of defeats the purpose of this app.

adding a simple 'retry' or 're-queue item' to the right click context menu would be immensely helpful.
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OSWindows 10
OS Version64 bit




2017-06-27 08:07

administrator   ~0000145

The current workflow is to use 'Remove transferred files' command and then clicking the Copy button again.


2017-06-28 18:17

reporter   ~0000147

That's nice to know, but since that's not documented anywhere that I am aware of and had to seek out support, I don't believe the average user would understand this work flow and instead find it confusing. To me that seems like a user interface issue, but that's just my opinion.


2017-08-25 10:13

reporter   ~0000158

+1 for a "Retry failed" option. Or alternatively, a setting: automatically remove successful transfers. If the setting: "always verify" is in effect, then of course, files that failed verification, should not be removed. Not sure how to deal with skipped files though.


2018-01-17 09:45

reporter   ~0000216

+1 in my case HASHEs do are not the same and there is no retry option for those files.

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