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0000198TeraCopyUIpublic2018-04-03 09:07
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000198: Inside of main window UI is not drawn at all
DescriptionThe window border and buttons appear but the window background, graphical elements and any and all text does not appear

I suspect there are missing libraries required for the UI
Steps To Reproduce1. Launch Program (directly or view copy operation)
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OSWindows 10
OS Version64 bit




2017-06-17 18:11



2017-06-18 16:57

reporter   ~0000136

Interesting update:

This appears to be related to the graphics stack used to run the software.

I have a laptop with a built in AMD 6600 card as well as an Intel card, and a switcher application than can run different applications on different drivers, depending on power / preset.

This behavior is consistently appearing when running on the "high performance" AMD stack.
When running on the Intel supplied stack, the window draws normally.

I'll be happy to help you find the root cause.


2018-03-10 23:59

administrator   ~0000226

Please test version 3.3 ( and run DebugView ( to see if there will be any error.


2018-03-11 16:13

reporter   ~0000231

Thanks for the reply.
I configured the AMD Control Center App to only run teracopy on the Intel card, so it is no longer an issue.

If this is not common, I don't mind closing as 'won't fix'.

I will also add that as far as I remember, it reproduced when connected to a 2nd screen, not on the main laptop screen.
This leads me to believe it might be a graphics card stack issue, which you don't necessarily can help.

If this is still something you want to research, I'll try to reproduce and recurd DbgView when I'm back from travel.
I can also use xperf to record more detailed information, and graphic stack events, if this is any interest.


2018-04-03 09:07

reporter   ~0000236

I would like to point out that the problem here is the same as in the 0000291.
As I have reported there I have found out that the problem (at least on my computer) appears only when Aero theme of Windows is active. When there is normal theme without Aero TeraCopy functions normally.

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