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0000176TeraCopyEnginepublic2017-05-25 10:16
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Product Version3.1 
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Summary0000176: Unable to Access SMB Mounts
DescriptionWindows 10 x64: When trying to copy from an SMB mount (drive Z) to any local drive, Teracopy produces "Unable to access: Z:\[folder]"

Dismissing the first dialog box produces: "Z:\[folder] Error opening source file: The system cannot find the path specified. Code: 3"

This did not occur with 2.x.
Steps To ReproduceDrag and drop a folder or files from an SMB mount to local
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OSWindows 10
OS Version64 bit




2017-05-25 10:16

reporter   ~0000119

I can help you here! :) I don't work for CodeSector but I know why.
You are launching Teracopy "as Administrator" and this user (aka. Administrator) does NOT have your Z: drive mapped to that network location.
Instead, try using \\server\folder.
Also you can, into cmd.exe as administrator, do the command: cmdkey /add:server /user:username /pass:password it will give Administrator the good credentials for your drive/folder :)

Hope it helped,


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