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Summary0000168: Additional Command Line command

When I start TC from within Excel-VBA, It works fine.

When I start TWO (2) or more jobs in sequence nothing works
That's to say, then ALL go in "wait for copy", not just the first.
Because of this, nothing gets copied, unlike the start of different jobs via normal Windows-UI.
A command-line is mostly used for interaction-free stuff, so..

A new key might be added for this:
\nowait: this lets the jobs run simultaneously
\wait: this lets the jobs wait like in the win-UI (should still be the default) but starts the first-one

My snipped:
    sPrg = "C:\Program Files\Teracopy\TeraCopy.exe Copy"
    sPrgArg = "/OverwriteOlder /Close"
    sTarget = Chr(34) & "MyTargetFolder" & Chr(34)
    sSource = Chr(34) & "MyFirstSource" & Chr(34)
    sCommando = sPrg & " " & sSource & " " & sTarget & " " & sPrgArg
    x = Shell(sCommando, vbNormalFocus)
    sSource = Chr(34) & "MySecondSource" & Chr(34)
    sCommando = sPrg & " " & sSource & " " & sTarget & " " & sPrgArg
    x = Shell(sCommando, vbNormalFocus)

There is a elaborate way to get VBA to wait until a process has finished, but this is a much cleaner solution and may help others as well.

Kind regards,
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