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0000127TeraCopyUIpublic2018-03-10 23:59
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Product Version3.0.8 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000127: UI window disappears and won't display again until closed & reopened
DescriptionI have a number of files that I successfully copied showing in the window, when I try to select the top of the Tera Copy window the application disappears. It is still in the taskbar, it shows a narrow but long icon when I hover of it, but when I hover over the 'quick view' it is not seen on the desktop.

I can also see it when I 'alt-tab' but then nothing is seem when I select it.

You can see also in the task view it is shown on the top row in the middle(image 0000001).

The actual application size is very long, here it is after I exit and restart (image 0000002).

I cannot get to the bottom of the window to resize it, so the only way would be to grab with the vertical arrows handle and bring the top down, but this is the action that causes the window to disappear.

I have not had this type of error with any other software, I'm a programmer and sysadmin, probably not doing something stupid but maybe I am, if so please enlighten me.

I am using latest Windows 10-64 pro, I do have a desktop 8192x2160 (2 x 4096x2160) and using the latest GeForce drivers on a GTX 1080
Steps To Reproduce
Just grabbing the top of the application and trying to lower the size of the window.

If you have a beta/fix I'm willing to update the software and test the issue for you, I would like to keep using Tera Copy but this is a fairly inconvenient issue.
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OSWindows 10
OS Version64 bit




2017-04-28 06:21

reporter   ~0000100

I've only recently registered (yesterday) after using the old Teracopy (pre-3) for a few years, and also ran into this issue on the first day of seriously using it. Unlike the poster, I can't pinpoint exactly what caused this, but I have a running job (600GB copy) that can be watched only when switching windows, and the window itself is not shown anymore.
I'm also running the latest version (3.0.8) on 64-bit Windows 10.
I have a 2560x1440 desktop driven by a GTX750Ti
I have to use Alt+Tab on LeftWin+Tab to follow this job.


2017-05-20 00:28

reporter   ~0000114

I too am seeing the same issue, seems to happen when i try to move the window around the screen by clicking the title


2018-03-10 23:59

administrator   ~0000227

Please test version 3.3 ( and run DebugView ( to see if there will be any error.

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