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0000106TeraCopyEnginepublic2017-03-29 11:56
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Product Version3.0.8 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000106: Cannot copy to/from mapped network drive with TC 3.x
DescriptionWas using TeraCopy 2.27 which did not have this issue.
I've uninstalled that and installed TeraCopy 3.0.8 (and rebooted when asked).
We have several mapped network drives at the office.

If I try to copy anything from one of those mapped network drives to my local machine (or vice versa), TeraCopy (which is registered as the default copy handler) pops up and sits (idle) "Adding files [1]...".
I've tried copying both by Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+V, drag and drop (in Windows Explorer and the TeraCopy window both), and using the "More..." button in TeraCopy to "Add files", "Select Operation", and "Select target". In this case, it just says "Select target to continue operation" and never does anything.

However - oddly enough, if I browse to the actual network share by the \\server\share or by \\IP address\share, TeraCopy is able to copy or move the file to or from just fine.
In this regard, it appears it cannot work with the mapped drive piece of the puzzle (whereas TC 2.27 could, oddly enough).
Steps To ReproduceMap a \\server\share as a mapped drive in Windows.
Try to copy or move an item to or from the mapped drive version of the share with TC 3.0.8.
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OSWindows 7
OS Version64 bit




2017-03-29 11:56

reporter   ~0000083

I can also confirm this issue on Windows 10 64-bit. Using the mapped drive path in my case "G:\" cannot find the directory, but going to the server via the IP address or \\severname work fine.

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