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0000102TeraCopy(No Category)public2017-06-03 22:18
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Product Version3.0.8 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000102: Sometimes the program will not copy or move files/folders, sometimes the program hangs (crashes)
DescriptionWhen it does work, I notice 3.0.8 copies/moves files faster than 2.3. Then i notice sometimes it hangs and doesn't respond.
Steps To ReproduceWhen it does work, I notice 3.0.8 copies/moves files faster than 2.3. Then i notice sometimes it hangs and doesn't respond. There is no "percentage" or other indication that TeraCopy is doing ANYTHING.

Even on uninstallation, wipe Program folder, %APPDATA% folder, wiping Registry keys with CCleaner, rebooting then reinstalling TeraCopy 3.0.8 I sometimes get a functional installation, and then it can be random where it works sometimes then not others, then the programs seems to just die and stop working completely. Maybe a problem with the Engine???
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OSWindows 10
OS Version64 bit




2017-03-20 02:24

reporter   ~0000071

confirming this. I started a move operation thinking it would go through smoothly, but the job actually hung up with 2~3 minutes on display yesterday already and I found it this morning and had to shoot it with taskman.


2017-05-31 04:42

reporter   ~0000121

Neither TeraCopy 3.08 or 3.1 actually copy for me. Teracopy 2.3 works well.

In version 3, the files are queued, but none are copied (even after clicking on Start or Move.

I have been trying to get version 3 to work for months. Today I tried installation, uninstallation, cleaning, reboot (several times). I will use 2.3 until somebody can tell me what is wrong with my system.

(Up to date Windows 10).

Sean Caldwell

2017-06-03 13:03

reporter   ~0000124

Same issue. Using TeraCopy 3.1 with Windows 10, and attempting to copy 40,000+ files from and SSD to a spinning drive using the option overwrite if older. It will often hang for a few minutes and cause the whole process to take 5 minutes, where version 2.3 would finish it in 15-30 seconds. Uninstalled and reinstalled 2.3 and the copy with overwrite works very fast.


2017-06-03 22:18

reporter   ~0000125

I noticed that 3.1 seems to work find if I have "Use TeraCopy as default copy handler" unchecked, but TeraCopy is the registered copy handler (TeraCopy asks me whether to use TeraCopy or Explorer to copy).

This makes me think that something is being skipped when the question is not being asked (possibly an uninitialized variable).

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