0000011: [Default] Maverick does not have SD access
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0000132: [UI] I can't find the way to join the favorites folder
0000129: [UI] Is it possible to reorder the queue list? like if I add a few more files, and would like them to go sooner
0000086: New function: search
0000063: [Engine] Copying files in System32 folder
0000058: [UI] Sorting info
0000039: [UI] Consistency for Context Menu Items
0000038: Drop report file in target folder
0000031: [UI] UI Style Preference
0000032: [UI] Changeable Progress Bar Color
0000023: [UI] Copy files from group of folders
0000021: [UI] Elapsed time display
0000005: [Engine] Resume after Windows crash / power cut off
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Scheduled For Release 2017-04-30
0000122: [UI] 'Keep Both'/Rename changes existing numbers in filenames
0000009: [UI] Language localisation
0000141: [Engine] .sha1 and .sha256 checksum files created by filebot can't be used with teracopy.
0000094: Keep both
0000117: [UI] Jobs not disappearing when closing teracopy
0000124: [UI] Unattended / Verify Option
0000134: Crash while displaying failures or scrolling log in running copy
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