Released 2017-02-15
0000054: [Default] Fails to open
0000053: [Default] Import waypoint photo
0000048: [Default] 'What 3 words' support
0000012: [Default] Maverick Maps still shows Mapquest maps by default
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Released 2017-02-23
0000050: Freeze while copying, requires kill via task manager.
0000049: [Engine] Unable to copy files - Error in overlapped reading
0000043: [UI] checksum file saved in wrong path
0000041: When started after install, error occurs.
0000047: Crash at the end of each copy
0000034: [UI] Make the expanded Views pinnable
0000033: [UI] Improved Destination File Dialog
0000042: [UI] No checksum verification when moving files
0000060: windows message "an error occurred in the application"
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Released 2017-01-30
0000014: [Engine] Handle copy/paste from a virtual machine
0000028: [Engine] Better handling of reading errors in TeraCopy service
0000026: [Engine] Implement faster Hash Algorithm: xxHash
0000025: [UI] Auto-scroll file list during transfer
0000024: [Engine] Create shadow copy only once
0000020: [Engine] Freeze when moving files
0000018: [UI] Show a popup menu with folders structure in Replace dialog
0000010: [Engine] EListError: Duplicates not allowed
0000001: [UI] Menu button
0000002: [UI] Incorrect icons display on 125% scaling level
0000004: [UI] Replace mode options in the main panel
0000008: [UI] Windows Enters into Sleep Mode During Transfer
0000037: [UI] "remove transferred" not updating display
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Released 2016-11-24
0000003: [Engine] Not working as the default copy handler on 32-bit Windows
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